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How much does tree removal cost?

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When calculating the cost of tree removal, there are so many factors involved that it’s difficult to even hazard a guess until we’ve seen the tree in question and taken into account everything that will be involved in taking it down.

Factors in a tree removal estimate

Here are some of the considerations when determining tree removal cost.

1) Where is the tree?

Is it standing in the middle of a yard with nothing surrounding it, or is it packed in densely among other trees? Is it right next to the house? Hanging over a pool? Is the tree going to be easy for us to get to, or a challenge?

2) How big is the tree?

The diameter of the trunk and the height of the tree determines the type of equipment we’ll need to use and the size of the team on the job. So a safe bet is that the larger the tree, the more expensive it will be to have removed?

3) What type of tree is it?

There are trees and then there are trees. Oak, for example, is one of the toughest woods out there, so if it’s an oak tree — especially a big oak tree — it will probably cost more to remove.

4) Is it alive or dead?

Dead or rotting trees are generally easier to get rid of than strong, healthy trees. If you’re not sure whether the tree is alive or not, have one of the experts at Iron Tree take a look at it to make the determination.

5) What about the stump?

Once the tree is gone, you’ll have a number of options when it comes to the stump. You can leave it sticking out of the ground. You can have it cut down so that it’s level with the soil around it. Or you can have it ground up so that it, along with any major roots, is invisible. Each option has a different price point.

6) The fate of the tree.

Some people ask that the sections of the tree be left behind for firewood or building projects. Others request that the tree be hauled away or fed into a chipper. These services cost extra, but should be factored into any quote you receive.

As you can see, the only way to really get an idea of what a tree removal will cost is to have an expert come out and have a look, weigh all the factors, and give you a detailed quote.  Plus, be sure to ask about licenses and insurance too.  It doesn’t guarantee good service so be sure to check their references too.

If you’ve got a tree you’re looking to remove, don’t hesitate to contact us at 978-468-6688 or Sales@IronTreeService.com. We’re available 24/7 to accommodate your schedule, and can provide emergency assistance when needed.

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