Iron Tree Service Tree Removal

How Much Does Tree Removal Cost?

There are many considerations that affect the price of tree removal services in Massachusetts. To give an accurate estimate, one of our qualified arborists must see the tree(s) in question to assess the factors that determine what it will cost. When providing your no cost, no obligation estimate, our tree expert will analyze a number of factors including accessibility and complexity of the job. Iron Tree carefully assesses all of the factors that can affect the price of professional tree service including:

Where is the tree located?

The location of the tree affects what equipment is required and how much labor might be involved. Is it in the middle of an open yard with nothing surrounding it or does it stand among a dense group of trees? Is it adjacent to your house or hanging over the pool? Are there power lines, fences or other structures nearby? Protection of delicate landscapes, play areas, septic and irrigation systems and many other obstacles must be considered.

What is the size of the tree?

The diameter of the trunk and the height of the tree play a role in determining the equipment and number of team members required. The larger the tree, the more challenging and time-consuming it is for tree removal services.

Is the tree dead or alive?

Dead or rotting trees are considerably more difficult and dangerous to take down than the removal of those that are strong and healthy. If you’re not sure about the health of a particular tree, call for a free assessment from one of the Iron Tree tree experts to take a look to determine the best course of action.

What happens to the stump?

Once a tree is removed, there are several options to treat the stump to fit various needs and budgets. Each option has different pros and cons and price points.

  • Leave the stump slightly protruding from the ground
  • Cut the stump level with the surrounding ground
  • Grind the stump and roots to below grade and either leave or remove resulting grindings

What happens to the tree once after it’s cut?

Typically, all woodchips are hauled away immediately. Any logs that are too large for a chipper will be removed within 24 hours by a separate crew. At times, customers request that logs be left on site for firewood.

No matter what company you call for an estimate, be sure to ask about licenses, experience and insurance. But remember, although very important they do not necessarily guarantee professional service. It’s always a good idea to check references.

We are dedicated to providing professional and complete tree services of the highest quality at the best possible value. If you have a tree you would like to remove, don’t hesitate to contact us or call us at 978-468-6688. We are available 24/7 to accommodate your schedule and for emergency tree service.