How Much Does Tree Removal Cost?

There are many factors that affect the cost of tree removal services in Massachusetts. To give an accurate estimate, we must see the tree(s) in question to assess the factors that determine what it will cost to take it down. A no cost, no obligation estimate is the best way to determine the cost by analyzing a range of cost factors such as accessibility to the property and the complexity of the tree itself. Iron Tree carefully assesses all of the factors that can affect the price including:

Where is the tree located?

The location of the tree affects how much work is involved. Is it in the middle of an open yard with nothing surrounding it or does it stand in a dense group of trees? Is it next to the house or hanging over a pool? Are there power lines, fences or other buildings nearby? These factors determine if the tree is easy to reach or if it is a challenge.

What is the size of the tree?

The diameter of the trunk and the height of the tree determine the type of equipment we need and the size of the team. The larger the tree, the more challenging and expensive it is to remove.

What type of tree species is it?

There are trees and then there are trees. Oak, for example, is one of the densest woods out there, so if it’s an oak tree, especially a big oak tree, it will likely take far more work to remove.

Is the tree dead or alive?

Dead or rotting trees are generally easier to take down than strong, healthy ones that need to be removed. If you’re not sure whether the tree is alive or not, have one of the experts at Iron Tree take a look to determine its state.

What happens to the stump?

Once the tree is removed, you can choose among several different methods to treat the stump. Each option has different pros and cons and price points.

  • You can elect to leave the stump in the ground.
  • The stump can be cut so that it’s level with the soil around it.
  • We can grind the stump so that major roots are invisible.

What happens to the tree once it’s down?

Some customers ask us to leave sections of the tree behind for firewood or building projects. Others request that we haul the tree away.  Most often, we feed the tree debris into one of our superfast chippers.

The only way to estimate the cost of tree removal is to have an Iron Tree service professional come out and have a look to determine all of the factors to consider and give you a detailed quote. In addition, for any tree service company you contact, make sure you ask about licenses and insurance. Licenses and insurance are very important but don’t guarantee professional service, so make sure you check a professional tree service company’s references, too.

We are dedicated to providing professional tree service work of the highest quality at the best possible value with our 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you have a tree you would like to remove, don’t hesitate to contact us or call us at 978-468-6688. We’re available 24/7 to accommodate your schedule and can provide emergency tree assistance as well.