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Stump Grinding Service

Getting stump removed

Do you need stumps removed from your property? We provide high quality stump grinding and removal services.

Improper stump removal can leave you worse off than when you started. Successful stump grinding requires attention to detail to ensure complete removal so that proper restoration can occur.

The professionals at Iron Tree Service have extensive experience in stump grinding.

Please be sure to also ask about having us clean-up the resulting debris (additional fees may apply).

The Benefits of Stump Grinding and Removal:

  • Minimize insect infestation – Ants and termites seek decaying wood.  Removing stumps reduces the likelihood of insect infestation
  • Increase your property value – Removing unsightly stumps enhances your property
  • Reduce risk of injury – Stumps, especially when it comes to children, can pose a hidden risk for any property owner

Our Process

Hire the professionals at Iron Tree for high quality stump grinding to ensure extreme care is taken in the process.  Poor technique or inferior machinery can cause costly damage to the surrounding landscape, resulting in a potential eyesore, or worse, a safety hazard.

Iron Tree Service uses state-of-the-art equipment operated by professionals with years of experience.

Restoration service including loam, seeding and replanting are available for an additional fee.

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