Jim Melnyk

We had a variety of work that needed to be done, large branches that needed to be taken down, a large stump to be ground, and a pile of brush to be disposed. This was done on two days. The first day, two crews showed up to take care of the branches and the brush. We heat our house with wood, and these were very large branches that would supply some good fuel. After the branches were taken down, the larger parts were cut to the appropriate length and neatly stacked. Everything else was disposed along with the brush. When the work was done, the worksite was cleaned. Two crews, five guys, in and out in less then two hours. Except for the chainsaws and the brush chipper, you would never have known they were there. The stump grinder showed up while we were out of the house. Except for the missing stump, you would never have known anyone had been there. Do I recommend this service? Absolutely!