Joe LeFrange

We had a large tree go down in a storm, that landed in two of our neighbors property (it was a mess). We contacted several Tree Service companies to come out, and Iron Tree Service was the only one to promptly answer the call. They came out in the middle of the storm and did a quick assessment, but couldn’t do anything that day because the storm was so bad, it wasn’t safe. Later in the evening they sent over the quote and said they could come out within the next three business. However, they surprised us and scheduled for the very next morning. They showed up with an army of trucks, workers and a crane. They had the tree removed from all three properties before lunch time. One of our neighbors, a retired elderly woman was confused as to the situation and having a tough time with it. These guys not only got the job done, but did hers for no additional charge. They were amazing and we were blown away by their generosity to assist our neighbor, especially during a Pandemic. I would definitely recommend them to anyone. The price was reasonable for the amount of work and crew they had to get the job done. They were extremely professional and cleaned up after they were done.