Joe Turner

We’ve had a few tree services in the past. All good but had an exceptional experience with Iron Tree. First to mention is that this work was performed in 2021 when we anticipated scheduling challenges with all the labor shortages. The reason for calling Iron Tree was seeing the job they did just around the corner from our house. Fast, efficient and had the site cleaned well after the job was complete. We called and asked if they had an arborist on staff which they do. Steve returned my call shortly after and was at our house that day. We discussed the job and he gave me a quote within the hour. Unfortunately, we were not there the day the work was done but we chose to have it done anyways because the next date available was months off. Work was done and when we returned, I only wished that a few of the limbs were removed (no one to blame but us for not being there). Still satisfied but was going to ask them if they could return in the spring. Received a call from Iron Tree a few weeks after to ask if we were satisfied. I explained the above and she said she would have someone call me. Long story short, the crew came back on site (when we were here). The foreman explained why he didn’t take off the limbs I wished were removed but said he could do some additional trimming. Bottom line is, they did everything we hoped to have done, were extremely customer focused, and professional from beginning to end. Highly recommended and we will have them back when needed.