Thomas M

It was fabulous. The crew is always prompt, courteous, and efficient.

Iron Tree is not the “lowest cost provider”. But they are always the “highest value provider”. I’ve tried other companies. You have the small operators with raggedy equipment, but the project drags on, with marginal outcomes, because of poor equipment and limited expertise. Or, you have other well capitalized providers, who believe they are such a de facto choice, that they can “bait and switch”, and try to extort more money from you to finish the project. I have, for example, used a well-known provider in Essex MA, (identifiable by a fleet of spiffy red trucks with the owner’s name in large white block letters on the sides). The owner pulled his crew out without finishing the job they were doing for me during Spring 2013, and felt he could then “negotiate” additional monies to do what he was originally supposed to do for a fixed price that he had quoted. I had to bring in Iron Tree to clean up after them, and I have been using Iron Tree extensively ever since. Not to say that that other company doesn’t have some good crew members; they do. But, as they say, “the fish rots from the head”.