Cabling and Bracing Trees

4 Cabling Trees and Bracing Support Systems for Maintaining Tree Health

Here in New England, downed trees are an all-too-common occurrence, especially in high winds. For homeowners, the risk of property damage due to heavy rains, winds, or snow, is an ever-present reality, but few things pose as great a danger as an uprooted or broken tree. Fortunately, Iron Tree Service offers a number of alternatives to tree removal, so you can keep your beloved oak, maple, or pine right where it always has been, and rest easy knowing that it’s not going anywhere, no matter how hard the wind blows!

Cabling trees and bracing systems are proactive, supplemental measures that can be taken to support a tree with a weak structure, heavy branches, or other abnormalities which might otherwise compromise its integrity. There are four main types of supplemental support systems that our arborists employ in these situations.

  • “Bracing” involves installing hardware into the stem or wood of a tree to compensate for a fracture in the trunk or one of its branches.
  • “Cabling” is the process of tethering two or more branches or branch parts, particularly in the event of codominant (stems that form when two or more branches emerge from the same junction, or tree fork) branches that are split, or otherwise compromised.
  • “Propping” refers to a supplemental support that is used on overly heavy, typically horizontal limbs to alleviate unnecessary stress to the stem of the tree.
  • “Guying” is a process used primarily on newly transplanted or partially-uprooted trees and typically involves wrapping a wire or cable around the tree and anchoring it into the ground in two or more places to assist it in taking root and growing straight.

Depending on your unique situation, our trained arborists may recommend any one or more of these solutions. As always, the safety and value of your trees and property are of the utmost importance, and any plan of action will be developed with you, keeping your specific needs in mind. Remember, much like a regular check-up at your doctor’s office, these solutions often require periodic inspection and upkeep by licensed professionals, just like the team at Iron Tree!

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