Iron Tree Removes an Old Norway Maple Tree in Newton, MA
Jul 10, 2021
Iron Tree Service removes an old Norway Maple tree in Newton, Massachusetts that has seen better days. Damage to the trunk makes it a weak and dangerous tree.  Watch the video to see Iron Tree Service remove the dangerous tree near wires. Watch the entire This Old House episode here:…...
Iron Tree Removes Branches Too Close to a House in Newton, MA
Mar 19, 2021
Iron Tree Arborist Eric Roensch prunes a birch tree in order to expose the beautiful bark and to remove branches that are too close to a house in Newton, MA. Watch Iron Tree Service install a cable to support the two dominant trunks to prevent the tree from splitting. Watch the…...
Iron Tree Removes Dangerous Branches at This Old House Project Site
Sep 7, 2020
Iron Tree Service worked on a This Old House project in Dorchester, MA, where dangerous branches had been falling and the roots were causing damage to stone wall on the property. Roger Cook from This Old House worked with Arborist, Mike Bonner from Iron Tree Service to safely remove a…...