Iron Tree Clears the Way for Safety – Removing Toppled Trees Across Massachusetts
Dec 18, 2023
Heavy rain and high winds, combined with saturated grounds from rainfall last week, caused trees across New England to topple over during a powerful storm on Monday December 18th. Continue reading at:
Massive tree smashes into house in Middleton.
Apr 3, 2023
Emergency Tree Service, Middleton, MA. A massive 50-foot rotted Spruce tree smashes onto a family's home in Middleton, crashing into a room where a 15-year-old was texting with friends. Iron Tree Service had to use a large crane and heavy equipment to hoist the tree in the air and remove…...
Iron Tree Service Removes Huge Tree That Toppled onto a Beverly Home
Dec 29, 2022
A huge tree toppled over in high winds and came crashing down on a Beverly home, punching a hole in the roof. Iron Tree Service used a crane and crew in a harness to remove the massive tree off of the roof. If you have dangerous trees or branches or…...
Topsfield, MA Storm Comes Quick But Heavy
Jul 18, 2021
Strong winds and wet saturated grounds, caused trees to be uprooted in Topsfield. Boston 25 News caught Iron Tree Service providing quick response emergency tree removal services in Topsfield, MA. To minimize the risk of having trees come down on your property, contact Iron Tree.  By removing dead, diseased, decayed,…...
Every Iron Tree Service Emergency Call Is a Unique Situation
Nov 7, 2020
What constitutes as an emergency situation? Well, every emergency tree service call from Iron Tree Service is different. Sometimes it’s a tree limb that has fallen onto a car, fence or house and sometimes it’s a dangerous tree that needs to be removed before any unsafe situation can occur. On…...
Salem News:  Holiday Tree Restored By Iron Tree After Windy Takedown
Dec 16, 2019
As the Salem News previously reported, the city's holiday tree, first erected in Lappin Park downtown on Nov. 29 alongside the arrival of Santa Claus, was taken down by strong winds at about 8 p.m. Sunday night. The tree snapped at its base and fell toward Washington Street, narrowly missing…...