Excessive Rain and Saturated Soil Cause Emergency Tree Service Conditions In Massachusetts

With record-breaking amounts of rainfall in the Bay State, it’s important to highlight a unique safety hazard posed by saturated soil: elevated risk of toppled trees.

As dry soil becomes wet, the roots of large trees begin to lose traction. Heavy winds cause the tree to move, and this combination of loose soil and movement can result in a downed tree, just like it did in Topsfield. There are a number of factors that can elevate the risk of falling trees such as:

  • root decay
  • compacted soils
  • tight spaces
  • poorly landscaped trees
  • trees that are already leaning

The root system of each tree acts as a counterbalance to the canopy of the tree. As winds blow the trunk and branches in one direction, the roots help maintain balance and keep it from blowing over. But trees that are crowded or left to grow close to existing foundations or other structures can’t grow expansive root systems, therefore making them more susceptible to falling over. You may notice that your tree is already starting to lean in one direction or another. This is a good indicator that toppling is imminent. If you’re unsure, look for disturbed or mounding soil near the base of the tree on the opposite side of the lean. If present, it’s important that you contact a reliable tree care service immediately.

Similarly, trees that have been poorly maintained or have damaged or cut roots, or those with root decay, are equally as vulnerable. If you notice dead branches along the edges of the canopy, or mushrooms growing along the lower trunk or any exposed roots, it’s a good indication that your tree is experiencing some level of root decay, and should be addressed as soon as possible.

Proper tree care and maintenance are crucial to ensuring the longevity of a healthy tree, as well as the safety of people and property in its proximity. As always, only certified arborists and other tree care professionals, like the team at Iron Tree Service, should diagnose and handle the pruning, cutting, or removal of trees on your property. Our team has the equipment and the expertise to handle both small and large jobs, as well as the insurance and safety certification to put your mind at ease.

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